Heart of Texas Pediatrics follows the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We are committed to quality health care, we believe strongly in the safety, effectiveness, and the importance of these vaccines. Please note that this schedule is subject to change when the American Academy of Pediatrics updates its recommendations. We will inform you of these changes as they occur.

Office Visit Immunizations received Injections
2 weeks none


2 months Pentacel, Hep B, Prevnar, Rotateq
3 injections, one liquid dose


4 months Pentacel, Prevnar, Rotateq
2 injections, one liquid dose


6 months Pentacel, Hep B, Prevnar, Rotateq 3 injections , one liquid dose


9 months None


12 months MMR, Varivax, Hep A, Prevnar
4 injections


15 months Hib, DTap
1-2 injections


18 months Hep A
2 injections


2, 3 years None


4 years MMR, IPV, DTaP, Varivax
2-4 injections


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, years none


11 years Tdap, Menactra, Gardasil(optional)
2-3 injections


16-18 years Menactra, Trumemba(optional)
1-2 injections